a few words about my sponsors

A lot of my skiing improvement can be attributed to the best ski boat on the market....the Malibu Response! Dave Goode is still making the best skis on the planet...and those Eagle vests & wet suits are keeping me afloat!  Wiley Jump & Trick Bindings are the best on the planet. I useMasterline ropes and handles exclusively.  I found out long ago that it makes reaching the next level in your sport a lot easier when you use the best equipment available!

  I am a Former member ULM Water Ski Team & was a Collegiate All American and Team Captain from 2002 to 2005. Pan American Judge; AWSA Senior Judge; Level II Instructor. I was honored with being named IWWF Athlete of the Year for 2010, along with USA Water Ski Athlete of the Year, AWSA Athlete of the Year, and AWSA Overall Skier of the Year.  I was also recognized outside water skiing by the Northwest Florida All Sports Association, who named me Amateur Athlete of the Year.  Also, I made it as a semi-finalist for the AAU James Sullivan Award.  I was the only water skier nominated and had to go up against the likes of Cam Newton from Auburn (Heisman Trophy Winner)!   

Regina's sponsors

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