Personal Coaching

She is the most talented and accomplished skier in the World, having set many world, national, regional, and state records in all three events.  She has won over 85 medals in International competition to date and is the only person in the history of collegiate skiing to hold records in all three events (at one time!).

If you want to ski with Regina at the Pickos Ski Resort in Santa Rosa Beach, contact Cory or Rose to book your vacation on the Emerald Coast....and get some of the best ski instruction in the world from World Champion athletes including Cory, Regina, Javier Julio, and Daniel Odvarko. Check them out at: or call at (850) 267-3988.

Coaching bio

    Regina has conducted junior development clinics for the Alabama Water Ski Federation and the Georgia Water Ski Federation. In addition, she has instructed at several Regional and National Junior Development Clinics, has been a guest instructor at the USA Water Ski International Senior Judges Clinic, and lectured at the NCWSA Midwest Region Winter Conference several times.
    Regina is an Advanced Level AWSA Certified Instructor, Pan American Judge (Slalom, Trick, Jump), AWSA Senior Judge (Slalom, Trick, Jump), To discuss your particular clinic and/or to make reservations, Feel free to contact her on facebook and Twitter.

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